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Cloud-Based JSON Log Parser and Analyzer

Loggly offers automated parsing, expedites search and analysis with advanced features, and allows you to create alerts and visual dashboards for proactively monitoring your environment.

What are the challenges with log monitoring and analysis?

Managing disparate logs from different sources

Most IT teams are overburdened managing logs across numerous servers, systems, and applications. As logs vary in their format, it’s hard for teams to manage and monitor data efficiently.

Analyzing logs and resolving issues in real-time

Searching and analyzing a large volume of logs over a distributed stack is a challenge. The longer it takes to resolve issues, the greater the organization’s exposure to security and performance threats.

Configuring multiple tools to troubleshoot efficiently

Teams lack tools that simplify parsing, indexing, searching, filtering, visualization, and other major troubleshooting tasks. They configure multiple open-source tools for the purpose, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Command Center Dashboard

Simplify log management with JSON logging format

As most programming languages support parsing of JSON structured data format, it has become a preferred logging format among developers. The standardization allows you to manage and monitor your logs efficiently. It’s simple to convert your log formats to JSON and stream your logs to a centralized log management service like SolarWinds® Loggly®. With Loggly, you can aggregate text-based structured and unstructured logs for unified monitoring and analysis. It allows you to correlate events and get to the root cause of issues faster. Moreover, Loggly can automatically archive your logs to Amazon S3 buckets for compliance and other purposes.

Dynamic Field Explorer

Troubleshoot issues faster with advanced analytics

As a cloud-based JSON log parser and analyzer, Loggly helps you expedite log search and analysis. Your JSON logs are parsed into specific fields automatically. If your custom log format is unknown to Loggly, you can use derived fields to define rules for parsing your data into different fields. All such parsed logs are automatically updated in the Dynamic Field Viewer, which offers an intuitive approach to analyze logs without requiring manual search. You can click and browse through these logs to rapidly view and extract information of interest.

Integrate with DevOps tools for easier collaboration

Loggly offers easy integration with services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and PagerDuty, which are commonly used by DevOps teams. It allows teams to communicate easily and receive alerts for critical events on time. You can also integrate Loggly with GitHub, which makes it easier to locate the source code related to a Loggly event. Further, you can integrate Loggly with JIRA to raise and view tickets easily. Loggly also saves you time in configuring open-source tools for visualization. You can create a custom dashboard using different types of charts or set up a pre-configured dashboard and share it with your team.

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