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No Bug Left Behind: From Loggly to JIRA in No Time

By Sven Dummer 10 Oct 2016

Loggly now gives you the power to file tickets in Atlassian JIRA Software from within Loggly with a single click, automatically adding relevant information from your log data analysis and pre-populated fields. You no longer have to switch between tools and context and manually type or paste information: Stay focused, get the best out of both tools, and save time doing so.


Simple Collaboration with JIRA

With our new JIRA Software integration, you’re just a click away from sharing log information with other team members. From any log event view, Loggly automatically creates a JIRA Software ticket with the information from your log analysis. You can pre-configure all your favorite field settings once, and Loggly will auto-populate your ticket and create it for you from within the Loggly user interface. You can configure multiple templates with different field information, which makes it easy to automatically create different JIRA Software issues for different products or components. No more need to switch between tools, enter information manually or copy and paste screenshots. This is automation at your fingertips!

Loggly - Jira Integration

If you have adopted DevOps, Agile, CI/CD, or a combination of these methodologies, chances are that easy communication and cross-team collaboration are at the top of your priority list. Sharing information is essential to making stuff happen in these dynamic environments, and it has to be easy and fast.

Get the Right Logs to the Right People

Because logs are the “single source of truth” about what’s happening in the application, they reveal many of the issues that crop up. When developers are assigned and start trying to solve the issue, they need to find the same log data so that they can understand what happened. Our new JIRA integration is about creating a consistent, shared view of log analysis that does more than drive efficiency—it encourages a DevOps mindset.


“Log data is often on the critical path to solving the issues we track with JIRA Software. The Loggly integration to JIRA eliminates a lot of annoying back-and-forth that adds to the time we spend on problem resolution.”

Ramandeep Ahuja

Co-Founder and SVP, Engineering & Chief Software Architect


Beef Up Your DevOps Toolkit Today

If you believe in the benefits of DevOps, you know that data is one of its most important currencies. The new JIRA integration makes your life easier by reducing the need to switch between applications. Less context switching means less distraction, more focus, and better productivity.

The JIRA Software integration is available to Enterprise customers and all trial users. It just takes a few minutes to set up. If you haven’t yet tried Loggly, you have one more reason to get started today!

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Sven Dummer

Sven Dummer