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47 Newsletters For Developers And Programmers

By Jake Dennison 23 Aug 2017

Email newsletters are a great way to stay current on what’s happening in the world of programming and to learn about tools and best practices for your specific programming language. Curated by experts, newsletters bring the best, most timely information out there right to your inbox, so you can quickly digest and get back to work. Here are some of our favorites at Loggly.

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HTML5 Weekly
A weekly HTML5 newsletter published each Wednesday. Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.


CSS Weekly
A weekly roundup of CSS articles, tutorials, experiments, and tools curated by Zoran Jambor.



JavaScript Weekly
A weekly roundup of JavaScript news and articles published each Friday. Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.


A Drip of JavaScript
Written and published by Joshua Clanton, A Drip of JavaScript is “one quick JavaScript tip,” delivered every other Tuesday.


Updates from SuperHero.js—a collection of the best articles, videos, and presentations on creating, testing, and maintaining a JavaScript code base.
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The Java Specialists’ Newsletter
A monthly newsletter exploring the intricacies and depths of Java, curated Dr. Heinz Kabutz.


Java Performance Tuning News
A monthly newsletter focusing on Java performance issues, including the latest tips, articles, and news about Java Performance and “Javva The Hutt’s column.” Curated by Jack Shirazi and Kirk Pepperdine.


Java Code Geeks
A weekly newsletter from the Java Code Geeks team, featuring the latest Java news, tools, and popular content.


A weekly newsletter from the popular JavaWorld website, featuring Java tutorials and community news.



PHP Weekly News
A weekly newsletter that includes articles, news, and blog posts about PHP, curated by Katie Eyers.



Node Weekly
A weekly roundup of Node.js news and articles sent out each Friday by Cooper Press.
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A weekly newsletter curating the best AngularJS content on the web, handpicked by Angular experts.



Go Newsletter
A weekly roundup of news, articles, and jobs relevant to the Go programming language, sent out every Thursday. Curated by Peter Cooper and Matt Cottingham and published by Cooper Press.



Pycoder’s Weekly
A weekly dose of all things Python, sent out each Friday. Curated by Mike Grouchy and Mahdi Yusuf.


Python Weekly
A weekly newsletter featuring Python articles, news, jobs, and more, sent out every Thursday by Rahul Chaudhary.


A weekly Python newsletter containing recent articles, projects, videos, and tweets.


The Advanced Python Newsletter
A not-for-beginners newsletter offering insights, tools, and techniques for building reliable, maintainable, and effective applications in Python. Written by Aaron Maxwell.
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Ruby Weekly
A weekly roundup featuring Ruby news and articles, sent out every Thursday. Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.



TypeSafe Newsletter
A monthly newsletter with the latest Scala news and announcements, from the team behind the TypeSafe Reactive Platform.


Cake Solutions
Available in instant, daily, weekly, and monthly digests, covering all things Scala, Akka, and Play, including news, tutorials, and experiments.



Dr. Dobbs’ C/C++
A monthly newsletter curated by the Dr. Dobbs team with news, tips, tutorials, previews of upcoming articles, and more.



.NET Weekly
A weekly newsletter covering the latest happenings in .NET.


C# Digest
A weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the world of Microsoft development.



Android Weekly
A weekly newsletter with Android tutorials, screencasts, news, and “everything that’s awesome” in Android development.


iOS Dev Weekly
A roundup of the week’s best iOS development links, sent every Friday. Curated by Dave Verwer.


Mobile Web Weekly
A weekly roundup of releases, articles, and links for Web developers working on the mobile-facing Web.
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General/Multiple Languages

Status Code
A “language agnostic” weekly roundup of the newest ideas, releases, trends, events, and must-read articles from around the programming world—including C, UNIX, algorithms, editors, protocols, and more. Published by Cooper Press.


A newsletter featuring tutorials, tips, tricks, resources, and offers related to Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and more.


SitePoint’s daily newsletter, which features the latest web development news in a handy digest form.


A newsletter featuring web design and development tutorials from around the web, curated by the team at Scotch.io.


CodeProject Newsletter
Choose between daily and weekly newsletters featuring the top Java, C#, C++, iOS, and Android tutorials and hands-on examples posted on The CodeProject.


Web Development Reading List
A weekly roundup of web development-related sources, carefully selected by Anselm Hannemann as a means of filtering and concentrating the massive volume of web development links that pop up every day.


Frontend Buzz
Daily newsletter for front-end developers and designers.


Hacker Newsletter
Weekly newsletter covering startups, technology, programming, and more, curated by the Hacker News site.


Programming Digest
Weekly newsletter that brings “the most interesting news” about programming, big data, architecture, development process, databases, and more.


Crypto-Gram Newsletter
Monthly digest of posts from the Schneier on Security blog to help any developer stay current on security-related topics.
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APM Digest
APMdigest is an online publication and industry-wide blog that covers application performance management (APM), log analysis, performance and availability monitoring, application testing, and related technologies. Its newsletter comes out twice a month.


DevOps Weekly
A weekly roundup of DevOps news curated by Gareth Rushgrove.


DevOps.com Newsletter
Choose from bi-weekly, weekly, or twice-weekly updates from DevOps.com.


O’Reilly Web Ops and Performance Newsletter
This weekly newsletter covers web operations, DevOps, and performance news and insights from industry insiders.


Database Technology

DB Weekly
A weekly roundup of database technology news, articles, and new developments in SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more. Published by Cooper Press.
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SQLTeam.com Newsletter
A weekly newsletter featuring SQL news and product announcements, highlights from SQL Server blogs, SQLTeam.com articles, and interesting forum posts. Curated by Bill Graziano.


A daily newsletter with SQL tips and articles for beginner to advanced users.


NoSQL Weekly
A weekly newsletter sent out every Thursday with curated news, articles, new releases, jobs, and more related to NoSQL. Curated by Rahul Chaudhary.



Postgres Weekly
A weekly email roundup of PostgreSQL news and articles sent out every Wednesday. Curated by Craig Kerstiens and published by Cooper Press.


Just for Fun

Daily Programmer
Sign up for a daily programming challenge you can solve using any language you choose. Sharpen your skills or try your hand at a new language all in the name of fun.


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Which newsletters are on your must-read list? Share your favorites in the comments.

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